enough already!

again, because it's cheaper than therapy...

I am going to kick my hubby's ars!
This fool thinks he can still party like he is 21 years old. What will it take to get the point across?! You might feel like you are 21 (but probably not).
You might act like you are 21 (and living at your mom's house and not clean up after yourself).
You might look like you are 21 (on second thought... definitely not!)

But you CANNOT party like you are 21.

Yes, it was New Year's and, yes, everyone at the part had some drinks. But for some reason you were the only one that could not function this morning.

It is NOT cool when you leave all the cleaning/mothering/etc. to me while you sleep off a hangover for an entire day. Then when you finally decide you are feeling better, choose to play PS3 for the rest of the night! No, definitely NOT cool with me.

aahhhh. that felt better. Anyone else out these with a "wannabe 21 yr. old" hubby?


bienvenidos and the first session

welcome to my little space. sometimes i need to vent. problem is, i can't really tell the people i know and love all the crazy stuff i am thinking. so, i will tell you all.

let's begin:
how does one tell the mother-in-law (MIL) "no more toys for the kiddo!" all are completely well-intentioned and thought-out. but there is just too much.
oh wait. i forgot. that is how she shows love. she gives you stuff.

and while i am at it... why does she feel the need to give us diapers and wipes every time she sees us? the kiddo is always dressed quite nicely and i don't think we appear like we need them, but maybe we do. note to self: don't go to MIL in "comfy clothes" - she might think we need diapers and wipes judging on the way we are dressed.

how has anyone else handled this?