bienvenidos and the first session

welcome to my little space. sometimes i need to vent. problem is, i can't really tell the people i know and love all the crazy stuff i am thinking. so, i will tell you all.

let's begin:
how does one tell the mother-in-law (MIL) "no more toys for the kiddo!" all are completely well-intentioned and thought-out. but there is just too much.
oh wait. i forgot. that is how she shows love. she gives you stuff.

and while i am at it... why does she feel the need to give us diapers and wipes every time she sees us? the kiddo is always dressed quite nicely and i don't think we appear like we need them, but maybe we do. note to self: don't go to MIL in "comfy clothes" - she might think we need diapers and wipes judging on the way we are dressed.

how has anyone else handled this?


  1. Happy New Year! I wish you health and happiness!

  2. Oh, this one is a toughy. I actually had to gently lay down the law last year by phrasing it this way..."hubby and I are tired of tripping over very small things and loosing lots of little pieces. The gameroom is overflowing with such wonderful things, but the boys don't really play with it all, so this year we are concentrating on keeping it small. I hope that works with you guys."

    It didn't seem to make much of a difference last year, as I learned she stuffs things away for months and months ahead. But this year, it was one big thing (example: a Wii game and then some books for the oldest). It was great!!

    I totally understand that grandparents want to shower thier grandkids, but it can really make for "what did you bring me?" attitudes, even if you try to teach your kids that people visiting is more important than the things you bring.

    Sorry for the novel!!

  3. OH yes... I posted this holiday that if I saw ONE MORE PRESENT I would gash the eyeballs out of the giver...I can't take it anymore! And several years ago we all agreed to do 529K college gift giving plus one or two small items for holidays, birthdays, etc... Uh...still waiting. And cleaning out our basement in the meantime to make room for all the shit that just invaded my house yet once again.