bienvenidos and the first session

welcome to my little space. sometimes i need to vent. problem is, i can't really tell the people i know and love all the crazy stuff i am thinking. so, i will tell you all.

let's begin:
how does one tell the mother-in-law (MIL) "no more toys for the kiddo!" all are completely well-intentioned and thought-out. but there is just too much.
oh wait. i forgot. that is how she shows love. she gives you stuff.

and while i am at it... why does she feel the need to give us diapers and wipes every time she sees us? the kiddo is always dressed quite nicely and i don't think we appear like we need them, but maybe we do. note to self: don't go to MIL in "comfy clothes" - she might think we need diapers and wipes judging on the way we are dressed.

how has anyone else handled this?